Get to know the ADIP Program

Innovative solutions in dental implants.

ADIP Program Solutions

The ADIP Program is one of the novelties aimed at improving the oral health of many people.

Losing their teeth is a problem that many people face for different reasons. However, it is a situation that interferes with self-esteem, affecting mood and confidence. Thus, it is natural to seek solutions to solve this problem.

The American Dental Implants Program (ADIP) has this mission, bringing together the means necessary for oral recovery.


Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation is the appropriate solution for people suffering from total tooth loss.

Single-Tooth Implant

Solution indicated for those who need to put only one implant. It follows all program procedures.


It is the most appropriate financial solution for patients who need to treat their dental problems.

A new way to take care of your teeth

Benefits Benefits

of the ADIP Program


Being able to chew the right way again is an essential benefit. You reabsorb all nutrients as well as avoid overloading the muscles of the face and other teeth.


The voids between the teeth cause speech problems, for example. Dental implants end this problem and you have safety and tranquility to talk again.


The aesthetic side is very important in your personal presentation, a benefit that you can gain by choosing one of the solutions of the ADIP Program.


Our solutions have resistant materials that do not harm your oral health, on the contrary, contribute to the recovery of health.