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Our solutions

We relentlessly seek to improve Oral Health, contributing to the recovery of self-esteem, quality of life and self-confidence of our customers, through solutions aimed specifically at each person.

Single-tooth implant

With a dental implant, the root of the tooth is replaced by a piece, through a painless surgical procedure. Patients suffering from the loss of one or some teeth, single-tooth implant may be the best solution to this problem.

Unlike the fixed prostheses used in ATOR® (Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation), single-tooth Implant is ideal for the placement of one or more missing teeth.

How do the steps work?


To perform the single-tooth implant procedure, it is necessary to consult a specialized dentist of ADIP, where an evaluation will be performed to define the ideal approach.


To perform the installation of the single-tooth implant, the patient needs to undergo oral surgery. The procedure is painless. In it, the implant will be placed in the patient's jaw bone.


After the process of osseointegration of the implant, the patient can already receive the definitive prosthesis and have the smile and oral functions restored!

ATOR® - Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation

ATOR (Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation) is a procedure that returns the smile to patients who are affected by tooth loss. Through dental implants, ADIP transforms the patient's life. A dental implant is a surgically inserted structure in the maxillary bone, serving as a substitute for the root.

Dental implants are able to perform the same function as the root of the tooth, allowing the dentist to insert surrogate teeth after implantation. Implants can be used to recover one or more teeth, thus recovering oral health in an integral way, including aesthetic and functional.

How do the steps work?


To perform the dental implant procedure, it is necessary to go through a consultation with a specialized dentist, where the patient's situation will be evaluated to understand the necessary approach for treatment.


Once the dentist has been consulted and determined the use of the implant, a painless surgical procedure will be performed for the installation of dental implants in the bone layer.


Now, just wait for the process of osseointegration of dental implants, which can take approximately 30 days. After this time, the patient will be able to receive ATOR®’s definitive prosthesis and have the smile and oral functions restored forever.

DIT®: Dental Implant Treatment

DIT is the solution that fits in your pocket to ensure peace of mind and protection when you need it. For an affordable price, you have access to a functional and healthy oral health.

The DIT solution is made for those suffering from dental problems of high complexity, often requiring a deep rehabilitation for smile restoration.

By hiring an ADIP DIT plan, you and your family members will be able to enjoy the best dental care.

For whom DIT is recommended


Those who face severe problems that compromise their smile (loss of teeth in whole or in part). You need to have previous tests, especially for the placement of prostheses.


Needs prostheses (fixed or removable), as well as cleaning and constant monitoring. It seeks to perform periodic consultations, either for clinical evaluation or for maintenance of teeth.


In addition, DIT is for the whole family, and no exorbitant amounts are charged. It also has a wide service network, with professionals focused on serving patients well.

Implants last forever when well taken care of