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Because Implants

implants can change your life

You’ll be able to chew and smile again with comfort and safety.

The dental implant has high durability.
Complete balance for your dental arch. Thus, in addition to aesthetics, the physiological part is also benefited.

Be able to speak in public with confidence, and be able to pronounce words clearly.

Self-esteem reestablished, more confidence to relate to people.


"All my family and friends noticed the difference! I am very pleased with the result!"

Before the procedure, Hortense felt afraid to enjoy her meals, because her mobile prosthesis moved constantly in her mouth, and she did not recognize herself when she looked in the mirror, and these were the reasons that led her to do a dental implant placement treatment.

After all, her mobile prosthesis did not match her state of mind. Today, after the treatment, she feels "very satisfied" with the result and advises all patients not to be afraid of this procedure.


"Today, I have a new life! Being able to smile, eat... it's completely different!"

For many patients, one of the main disorders resulting from tooth loss is not being able to eat the foods they like the most, without associated fears or pain. For António Moutinho, being able to eat and taste fruit from his orchard was something he had wanted to do for a long time, but he could not because of his problems.

Before placing the definitive prosthesis in our Clinic, he had used mobile prosthesis before, but he never adapted. "I was afraid to eat in public, in restaurants, because I feared that the prosthesis might fall." Today, he admits to having a new and completely different life.